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What is PACT?

The Personal Action Climate Tool (PACT) is a web-based and mobile app, under development by We Stand With Paris, that will empower you to engage the Paris Agreement as an individual citizen.

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of carbon footprint calculators out there, so what makes PACT different?  Two things.

First, PACT will connect your personal effort to the broader global community by putting our collective actions into the context of the Paris Agreement. When your actions are just one in 7 billion, it’s hard to feel like it makes any difference. But when your actions are part of a global effort that includes nearly 200 nations, hundreds of cities and states, and thousands of individuals, then the impact is earth-changing.

Second, PACT will make climate action fun by engaging social media, using virtual rewards, and providing useful and interesting feedback. We’ll also have versions specifically for families, educators, middle/high school students, and college students. PACT will enable you to:

  • Sign an individual pledge for climate action in line with your country's Paris Agreement commitment. (Read the pledge.)
  • Challenge your friends to a carbon reduction competition.
  • Compare your carbon emissions to your friends, family, or neighbors.
  • Track your reductions over time.
  • Start a competition with a rival school, dorm, classroom, etc.
  • Complete an activity, then challenge your friends to do it via social media