What can YOU do about climate change?

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In the meantime, here are a few ways you can get started today.

1.      Use an existing carbon footprint calculator to measure your starting carbon footprint. There are plenty of good options out there. Start today by measuring your 2017 footprint. After all, you can’t reduce what you don’t measure!

2.      Changing your light bulbs really does make a difference! LED bulbs are cheap enough today that the payback is often just 1-2 years, and sometimes less. This is the lowest of the low-hanging fruit and switching to 100% LED bulbs should be where everyone starts.

3.      Eat less meat. Meat, especially beef, has an enormous carbon footprint. Eating meat just one less day a week can have a huge impact.

4.      Carpool, walk, bike, or combine trips. Transportation forms a large part our carbon footprint, and most of us could do a lot to reduce this. Commit to take one less driving trip per week by walking, carpooling, or combining trips.

5.      Research whether your local utility offers a green power option. Many offer 100% renewable energy options for very affordable prices!

6.       Explore the Paris Agreement

We have currently raised 40% of our initial goal of $50,000, which will provide us with an alpha version prototype of the Carbon App. If you like what we’re doing, would you consider supporting We Stand with Paris?



WSWP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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