We Stand with Paris, Inc. is a non-profit entity dedicated to authentic individual engagement with the Paris Agreement.  We are currently led by a group of volunteers who work in the fields of climate science, education, and mobilization.


We will mobilize and empower a grassroots movement of Americans to support the Paris Agreement by personally adopting the original U.S. commitment in Paris. 

We do this by providing people with the tools needed to reduce their personal carbon footprints by 28% before 2025, as well as the structure to align our collective, sub-national movement with the global effort to address climate change agreed upon in Paris.

Will you join us by committing to reduce your carbon footprint?  Will you stand with Paris?


We are committed to the Paris Agreement and aim to mobilize individual citizens to learn about, support, and fully participate in the agreement to the extent they are able.  In particular, we will prioritize the following:

Voluntary Mitigation Commitments: Like the Paris Agreement, we ask our signatories to make a voluntary commitment to measure and reduce their personal carbon footprint. We recommend starting with the original U.S. commitment in Paris by pledging a minimum 28% reduction by 2025.

Public Accountability and Reporting: Not only does public reporting keep us accountable to our commitments, but it can be made fun by facilitating friendly competition and collaboration. Our innovative carbon calculator will simplify this process by making it easy to share this progress online and via social media. We also encourage our signatories to update their footprint annually in order to measure and celebrate their progress.

Increasing Ambition: Because the original Paris Agreement commitments were insufficient to keep global warming below the targeted 2 °C goal, the agreement calls for periodically increasing the ambition of national targets. Similarly, we will challenge our signatories to periodically increase their carbon reduction goals.            

Adaptation Assistance: Climate adaptation assistance forms an important part of the Paris Agreement. Our signatories will have the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to a fund designed to support Least Developed Countries in their efforts to adapt to climate impacts.            

Future Developments: As the UNFCCC evolves, so will we.  Later versions of the engagement mechanism will seek to draw signatories into as many provisions of the Paris Agreement as are meaningful and appropriate: e.g. Loss and Damage, Education, etc.