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The Paris Climate Agreement affects you, whether you live in Paris, Pittsburgh, or Phenom Penh.

In December 2015, leaders from 195 nations signed one of the most important climate agreements in history.  Unlike previous efforts, the Paris Agreement relies on voluntary commitments, positive peer pressure, and increasingly ambitious targets in order to achieve meaningful greenhouse gas emission reductions.

The Paris Agreement is a necessary foundation for building a unified global approach to climate action and a critical framework for achieving long-term success.  Without it, we have more of the same old “business-as-usual,” a strategy that has already proven devastating for the planet and for millions of people who bear the brunt of climate inaction.

Authentic, equitable, and effective efforts to address climate change rely on public accountability, should include everyone, and must be bold in ambition.  Moreover, we affirm that countries with elevated levels of liability for emitting greenhouse gases, should correspondingly have elevated levels of responsibility for taking action to reduce such emissions.  As the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gases--and the largest from a historical perspective--the United States cannot ethically sit on the sidelines while others work to address this problem.

Photo by AnnaLauraWolff/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by AnnaLauraWolff/iStock / Getty Images

We believe the Paris Agreement represents an historic turning point in history, and that American leadership is vital to its success.  Furthermore, we believe that taking bold action on climate change and adhering to the Paris Agreement are in the best interests of the United States, our economy, our health, our environment, and our global standing in the world.

With the federal government ceding all credible leadership on climate action, others must stand up to represent the United States’ commitment to reduce emissions before the global community.  Hundreds of governors, mayors, university presidents, and CEO’s have demonstrated such leadership through the We Are Still In campaign. We Stand with Paris joins these sub-national groups by engaging ordinary individuals and families in the global effort to address climate change, and by dedicating ourselves to fulfilling our portion of the United States’ original commitment in Paris.

Just imagine the difference it would make for thousands—or millions—of Americans to work together to achieve our Paris goals! It’s entirely possible, and you can help us get there. Explore the Paris Agreement, or see how you can make a difference.